Hey, I'm Bardan. Originally from a small country named Nepal, I moved to Canada 13 years ago. First settling down in Calgary and now currently living in a beautiful city called Vancouver. I am passionate about design and technology and the work I do.

While I can do various things like branding, illustration, front-end development (mostly CSS3, HTML5, and JQuery), php/WordPress, I specialize in User Interface/User Experience part of the design spectrum - with iOS and web being my forte. I do, however, also love and enjoy a little bit of programming so sometimes, I play around with Swift and ReactJS for fun.

Most of my professional work has been inside an agency but right now I'm currently freelancing and/or doing contract work. So, if you have any interesting project or maybe just want to say hi, feel free to reach out on any of the following social media platforms.

About the site

This site is built as a static website with the help of Gulp + less (on top of the normal html/css/js) and hosted on Github pages. Fonts used are Monteserrat and Cabin from Google Webfonts.